DOI Service

The allocation of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) makes it possible to access objects in a sustainable and unambiguous way. A DOI can be used similar to an ISBN to identify an object and has the function of locating it. In this way, scientific results can be quoted reliably and in a standardised form.

The TIB assigns DOI names for research data, non-textual materials such as videos, images or 3D models, grey literature and articles in OA journals.

The DOI service of the TIB is available to scientific institutions, publication services as well as the higher education and research sector.




Information for interested parties

If you are interested in DOI registration, you will find basic information here. More

Information for Data Centres

If you are already a data centre registered with the TIB, you will find practical information on DOI registration here. More


DOI Service

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