DOI Service

TIB is a Registration Agency for Digital Object Identifiers

Digital object identifiers (DOI) can be used to ensure that scientific results such as research data, publications and videos can easily be accessed in the long term. The TIB registers DOI names for research data, non-textual material i.e. video, pictures or 3D models, grey literature and articles in Open Access journals.

What is a DOI?

A digital object identifier is a clear, persistent identifier used to cite and link an electronic object – it identifies the object and is permanently assigned to it. The DOI is linked to the object, not to the storage location. If the address (URL) changes, the metadata is updated and the DOI name remains valid. This ensures that digital objects are linked permanently and easily to be found. The DOI system has been certified according to ISO standard (26324:2012) since May 2012.

What are the advantages of registering a DOI?


  • makes it simple to clearly reference objects,
  • enables the scientific results to be linked with the associated publication,
  • is a standard feature in science when publishing scientific articles,
  • improves access to scientific data, avoiding duplication enhances the visibility of research data, encourages new research to be conducted, and fosters scientific cooperation,
  • enables digital objects i.e. scientific films and film segments to be cited as easily as texts.

Would you like to register DOI names with TIB?

The DOI Service will be pleased to help you with any questions regarding the registration of DOI names. More


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