The non-profit organisation DataCite (International Data Citation Initiative e.V.) was established in London under the leadership of TIB by seven members from six countries in December 2009. DataCite’s business office is located at TIB.

Founding members

  • British Library
  • California Digital Library
  • National Research Council Canada    
  • Purdue University
  • Technical Information Centre of Denmark
  • TIB
  • TU Delft Library

Since its establishment, other leading scientific organisations from around the world have joined the association.

DataCite is globally the primary partner of DOI allocation.


  • Build and maintain services and a technical infrastructure to ensure easy and reliable access to research data.
  • Increase acceptance of research data as independent, citable objects.
  • Develop international standards, services and workflows as part of a global research data infrastructure.

DataCite is a member of the International DOI Foundation, one of nine DOI registration agencies around the world. As a charitable organisation, DataCite supports science and research by establishing global infrastructures to ensure access to research data.

In collaboration with data centres and publishing companies, DataCite is developing a technical infrastructure to facilitate DOI registration and the publication of research data. Services for ensuring access to research data, and the ability to cite and retrieve such data, are continuously enhanced and developed. DataCite is also actively involved in developing technical standards and workflows for a global research data infrastructure.


Britta Dreyer

Phone: +49 511 762-17642