Staff in the publishing services and open access department

Here you will find an overview of contact persons and service addresses

Marco Tullney
Head of Publishing Services
Phone: +49 511 762-19513
Email: marco.tullneytibeu

Dr. Sarah Dellmann
Deputy Head of Publishing Services
Email: sarah.dellmanntibeu

Advisory services and information

Service address: publikationsberatungtibeu

Individual consulting, information, and training

Dr. Stefan Schmeja
Open Access and scientific publishing
Phone: +49 511 762-4209
Email: stefan.schmejatibeu

Anna Renziehausen
Research Data Management
Email: anna.renziehausentibeu

Frauke Ziedorn
Research Data Management
Phone: +49 511 762-19185
Email: frauke.ziedorntibeu

BMBF project

Helene Brinken (currently on parental leave)
Information & Networking
Phone: +49 511 762-18871
Email: helene.brinkentibeu

Jessika Rücknagel
Information & Networking
Phone: +49 511 762-18870
Email: jessika.ruecknageltibeu

BMBF project B!SON - Bibliometric and Semantic Open Access Recommender Network

Anita Eppelin
Open Access journals
Email: Anita.Eppelintibeu

Publishing Open Access


Service address: oarepositorytibeu

Corinna Schneider
Institutional Repository of the LUH, Renate & LeibnizOpen
Phone: +49 511 762-19869
Email: corinna.schneidertibeu

Silke Klatte
Institutional Repository of the Leibniz Universität
Phone: +49 511 762-14166
Email: silke.klattetibeu

Andrea Teufel
Institutional Repository of the Leibniz Universität
Phone: +49 511 762-19568
Email: andrea.teufeltibeu

Cäcilia Schröer
Junior Repository Manager
Email: Caecilia.Schroeertibeu

TIB Open Publishing

Dr. Xenia van Edig
Phone: +49 511 762-14693
Email: xenia.van.edigtibeu

Dulip Withanage
Phone: +49 511 762-5271
Email: dulip.withanagetibeu

Financing Open Access

Service address: oafondstibeu

Dr. Ulrike Kändler
Financing Open Access
Phone: +49 511 762-14568
Email: ulrike.kaendlertibeu

Jessica Michel
Open Access Publishing Funds
Phone: +49 511 762-19859
Email: jessica.micheltibeu

BMBF project KOALA - Konsortiale Open-Access-Lösungen aufbauen

Dr. Sebastian Nordhoff
Email: Sebastian.Nordhofftibeu

Katharina Schulz
Email: Katharina.Schulztibeu