Funded in 2016

In 2016 the following publications have been funded by the Leibniz Universität Hannover's Open Access Publishing Fund:

  • Ag Seleci, Didem; Seleci, Muharrem; Walter, Johanna-Gabriela; Stahl, Frank; Scheper, Thomas (2016):
    Niosomes as Nanoparticular Drug Carriers. Fundamentals and Recent Applications.
    In: Journal of Nanomaterials 2016, 7372306
    (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Bredemeier, Dennis; Walter, Dominic; Herlufsen, Sandra; Schmidt, Jan (2016):
    Lifetime degradation and regeneration in multicrystalline silicon under illumination at elevated temperature.
    In: AIP Advances 6, 035119
    (Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik)
  • Brell, Courtney G. (2016):
    A proposal for self-correcting stabilizer quantum memories in 3 dimensions (or slightly less).
    In: New Journal of Physics 18, 021006
    (Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik)
  • Klose, K.; Kreimeier, S.; Tangermann, U.; Aumann, I.; Damm, K. (2016):
    Patient- and person-reports on healthcare: preferences, outcomes, experiences, and satisfaction - an essay.
    In: Health Economics Review 6, 18
    (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Moliere, Noel; Hossmann, Jorn; Schafer, Heinrich; Turgay, Kursad (2016):
    Role of Hsp100/Clp Protease Complexes in Controlling the Regulation of Motility in Bacillus subtilis.
    In: Frontiers in Microbiology 7, 315
    (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Nguyen, Trung; Bauer, Siegfried; Grote, Ulrike (2016):
    Does Land Tenure Security Promote Manure Use by Farm Households in Vietnam?.
    In: Sustainability 8 (2), 178
    (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Schadzek, Patrik; Schlingmann, Barbara; Schaarschmidt, Frank; Lindner, Julia; Koval, Michael; Heisterkamp, Alexander et al. (2016):
    Data of the molecular dynamics simulations of mutations in the human connexin46 docking interface.
    In: Data in Brief 7, S. 93–99
    (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Weiss, Christian; Weiss, Joanna; Boy, Jens; Iskandar, Issi; Mikutta, Robert; Guggenberger, Georg (2016):
    Soil organic carbon stocks in estuarine and marine mangrove ecosystems are driven by nutrient colimitation of P and N.
    In: Ecology and Evolution 6(14), S. 5043–5056
    (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Aumann, I.; Tedja, L.; von der Schulenburg, J. M. Graf (2016):
    Experiences of COPD patients with existing smoking cessation programs and their preferences for improvement - a qualitative analysis.
    In: Tobacco Induced Diseases 14 (1), e442
    (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Farrelly, Terry (2016):
    Equilibration of quantum gases.
    In: New Journal of Physics 18 (7), 73014
    (Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik)
  • Groß, Günther (2016):
    Dispersion of traffic exhausts emitted from a stationary line source versus individual moving cars – a numerical comparison.
    In: Meteorologische Zeitschrift 25 (4), S. 479–487
    (Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik)
  • Labusch, Corinna; Effendi, Yunus; Fulda, Martin; Scherer, Gunther F. E. (2016):
    Transcription of TIR1-Controlled Genes Can be Regulated within 10 Min by an Auxin-Induced Process. Can TIR1 be the Receptor?.
    In: Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 995
    (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Moualeu-Ngangue, Dany P.; Chen, Tsu-Wei; Stützel, Hartmut (2016):
    A Modeling Approach to Quantify the Effects of Stomatal Behavior and Mesophyll Conductance on Leaf Water Use Efficiency.
    In: Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 875
    (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Pauer, Frédéric; Göbel, Jens; Storf, Holger; Litzkendorf, Svenja; Babac, Ana; Frank, Martin; Lührs, Verena; Schauer, Franziska; Schmidtke, Jörg; Biehl, Lisa; Wagner, Thomas O. F.; Ückert, Frank; Graf von der Schulenburg, Johann-Matthias; Hartz, Tobias (2016):
    Adopting Quality Criteria for Websites Providing Medical Information About Rare Diseases.
    In: Interactive Journal of Medical Research 5(3), e24
    (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Rabiei, E.; Haberlandt, U.; Sester, M.; Fitzner, D.; Wallner, M. (2016):
    Areal rainfall estimation using moving cars – computer experiments including hydrological modeling.
    In: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions
    (Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen und Geodäsie)
  • Birkholz, Simon; Bree, Carsten; Veselic, Ivan; Demircan, Ayhan; Steinmeyer, Gunter (2016):
    Ocean rogue waves and their phase space dynamics in the limit of a linear interference model.
    In: Scientific Reports 6, 35207
    (Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik)
  • Blumenröther, E.; Melchert, O.; Wollweber, M.; Roth, B. (2016):
    Detection, numerical simulation and approximate inversion of optoacoustic signals generated in multi-layered PVA hydrogel based tissue phantoms.
    In: Photoacoustics 4 (4), S. 125–132
    (Hannoversches Zentrum für Optische Technologien)
  • Briest, Niklas; Garbe, Heyno; Potthast, Stefan (2016):
    Extended measurement setup for transient TEM waveguide characterization.
    In: Advances in Radio Science 14, S. 115–120
    (Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informatik)
  • Feldkord, Sven; Reit, Marco; Mathis, Wolfgang (2016):
    Implementation of a digital evaluation platform to analyze bifurcation based nonlinear amplifiers.
    In: Advances in Radio Science 14, S. 47–50
    (Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informatik)
  • Feuerhake, Udo (2016):
    Recognition of Repetitive Movement Patterns—The Case of Football Analysis.
    In: ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 5 (11), 208
    (Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen und Geodäsie)
  • Koch, Julian; Kröger, Philipp; Pfnür, Herbert; Tegenkamp, Christoph (2016):
    Surface state conductivity in epitaxially grown Bi 1− x Sb x (111) films.
    In: New Journal of Physics 18 (9), 093012
    (Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik)
  • Ogada, Pamella Akoth; Debener, Thomas; Poehling, Hans-Michael (2016):
    Inheritance genetics of the trait vector competence in Frankliniella occidentalis (Western flower thrips) in the transmission of Tomato spotted wilt virus.
    In: Ecology and Evolution 6 (21), S. 7911–7920
    (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Peikert, Tim; Garbe, Heyno; Potthast, Stefan (2016):
    Risk analysis with a fuzzy-logic approach of a complex installation.
    In: Advances in Radio Science 14, S. 91–96
    (Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informatik)
  • Ribeiro, Ana Pimenta; Rode, Michael (2016):
    Spatialized potential for biomass energy production in Brazil: an overview.
    In: Brazilian Journal of Science and Technology 3, 23
    (Fakultät für Architektur und Landschaft)
  • Rumlow, Annekathrin; Keunen, Els; Klein, Jan; Pallmann, Philip; Riemenschneider, Anja; Cuypers, Ann; Papenbrock, Jutta (2016):
    Quantitative Expression Analysis in Brassica napus by Northern Blot Analysis and Reverse Transcription-Quantitative PCR in a Complex Experimental Setting.
    In: PLOS ONE 11 (9), e0163679
    (Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Sandmann, Sergei; Garbe, Heyno (2016):
    Uncertainty contribution of a wind turbine to the electric field of a DVOR antenna as a function of wind direction and rotor position.
    In: Advances in Radio Science 14, S. 17–24
    (Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informatik)
  • Schmidt, Katharina; Babac, Ana; Pauer, Frédéric; Damm, Kathrin; Schulenburg, J-Matthias von der (2016):
    Measuring patients' priorities using the Analytic Hierarchy Process in comparison with Best-Worst-Scaling and rating cards: methodological aspects and ranking tasks.
    In: Health Economics Review 6, 50
    (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Treskova, Marina; Kuhlmann, Alexander; Bogner, Johannes; Hower, Martin; Heiken, Hans; Stellbrink, Hans-Jürgen et al. (2016):
    Analysis of contemporary HIV/AIDS health care costs in Germany: Driving factors and distribution across antiretroviral therapy lines.
    In: Medicine 95 (26), e3961
    (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät)
  • Weber, Harry; Mathis, Wolfgang (2016):
    Adapting the range of validity for the Carleman linearization.
    In: Advances in Radio Science 14, S. 51–54
    (Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informatik)