Leibniz Association's central Open Access portal

In line with its Open Access concept, the Leibniz Association seeks to ensure that publications produced by its institutes' employees are freely accessible online as full texts. Publications are listed in the LeibnizOpen central repository, from where they can be retrieved.

TIB provides support to libraries of Leibniz institutions involved in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Engineering (Section D) and Environmental Research (Section E) for depositing publications in the Leibniz Association's central repository LeibnizOpen.

Legal framework

Before a publication can be stored on the Open Access Leibniz repository, the originator must conclude a user agreement with TIB. The main information concerning this can be found in the Checklist for originators of open access publications . The compilation of major international publishing companies' copyright policies in the SHERPA/RoMEO list (german Translation) may also be useful. User agreement forms can be obtained from the relevant institute library. The institute library then sends the signed user agreements to TIB.

How are items deposited in the Leibniz Association repository?

The LeibnizOpen repository is open to all members of Leibniz Association's institutions. We will be happy to deposit publications produced in the institutions named above in the Leibniz repository. If you wish to deposit documents in the Leibniz Association repository, we offer the following options:

  1. The Leibniz institute library sends the documents to TIB

    File sizes up to 20 MB can be sent as an email attachment to dtf-wgltibeu.

    We recommend uploading large files (larger than 20 MB) here: http://tib.eu/dtf3

    The preferred format for documents in the repository is PDF.

    Please note that files can no longer be edited. If, therefore, you wish to protect your file with a password, you should do so before sending the file to TIB.

  2. The Leibniz institute library deposits documents itself
    If you would like to deposit documents in the Leibniz Association repository yourself on behalf of a Leibniz Association institute library, please get in touch with the contact person s listed below. They will provide you with login details for your personalised access to the publication management system PubMan, as well as assistance in operating the system.

  3. Your institute's repository is to be linked to LeibnizOpen
    Please get in touch with the contact person s listed below.

TIB provides support to libraries of the following Leibniz Association institutions

Section D - Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Engineering


Corinna Schneider