TIB Open Publishing

With TIB Open Publishing, the TIB operates an open access platform on which scientific journals and conference publications can be published. The service is available to all scientific disciplines, but the focus is on the TIB's central subjects: natural sciences and technical sciences. The service is aimed at editors of scientific journals and conference publications who want a library-supported, non-commercial, but at the same time sophisticated, sustainable, and completely Open Access oriented publication option. It is aimed both at existing conference publications and journals as well as at new launches. We are happy to help you convert publications from the subscription model to Open Access.

We offer hosting for journals and conference publications with the world's most widely used journal management software, Open Journal Systems (OJS). The TIB concludes contracts with the editors of journals and conference publications. These can be scientific institutions, such as universities or non-university research institutions, but also groups of individuals, or learned societies.

The scientists who act as editors and reviewers of the individual publications are responsible for the quality assurance of the content of the published articles. On the part of TIB Open Publishing, however, we ensure that formal quality standards are met by the hosted publications. There must be compatibility with the funding criteria of the research funding agencies ("Plan S") that are members of the cOAlition S. Our quality standards are therefore based on the technical implementation guidelines of Plan S, but also on the DOAJ Seal, the OASPA membership criteria and the COPE guidelines.

We will also take the needs of our users into account in the further development of the service.


Dr. Xenia van Edig
(editorial contact)

Dulip Withanage
(technical contact)