PID and Metadata Services

An Added Value for Science

Persistent identifiers (PIDs) ensure the permanent identifiability, referencability, and linkage of scientific output, persons, institutions, and funders, making them an indispensable part of a forward-looking research landscape. 

In line with the FAIR criteria for research data, which refer to the characteristics Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, the assignment of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for research data supports permanent findability, availability, interoperability with other systems and content, and the reusability of the data and its metadata. This has a positive impact on the citability and reach of research data and other linked research results.

If the scientists involved also have an Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCID iD) and the associated research institution has a Research Organization Registry Identifier (ROR ID), the results can be clearly and sustainably linked to the persons and institutions involved. This promotes the visibility of the scientists and provides a comprehensive picture of the overall context in which research takes place.

A good introduction to the topic of PIDs is provided by the video "The power of PIDs", produced in the EU-funded project FREYA.

TIB's PID Competence Centre

The TIB offers a comprehensive range of services and consultation for scientists and research institutions on the subject of PIDs and metadata.

In the TIB DOI Consortium, TIB coordinates and advises on the allocation of DOIs from the registration agency DataCite, which focuses on the unique identification and referencing of scientific resources such as research data, journal articles, software, videos and grey literature.

Scientific institutions can register DOIs via membership in the TIB DOI Consortium and benefit from the advantages of a comprehensive PID and metadata service.

We have expertise in PIDs, international standards and are involved in the ongoing development of various metadata standards such as the DataCite Metadata Schema and the ROR Advisory Group. Feel free to contact us if you need support in optimising your metadata.

In addition, the TIB leads the ORCID Germany Consortium, which supports university and non-university research institutions in successfully implementing ORCID as an international standard for persistent identification of researchers, thereby promoting the visibility of researchers, their scientific output and the institution as a whole.

More information on PIDs and metadata can be found here.

We are also happy to answer any questions you may have in the area of PIDs and metadata.


PID Competence Centre