Publication and media types

In research and in education, publications are made in different ways. Only with publication can research results be discussed, cited and reused. Open Access publications increase the visibility and impact of scientific results, and various research funders demand that the research they fund be made publicly accessible. TIB offers publication options for articles, journals, proceedings, working papers, research data, AV material, animations, posters, teaching materials and more - with long-term preservation and DOI.


When choosing a journal, not only the quality and content of the articles play a role, but also the accessibility of the published articles.

Book and conference contributions

For contributions to anthologies and conference proceedings, secondary publication rights can be agreed by means of author contracts.

Monographs, conference proceedings and publication series

Authors of monographs and editors of conference proceedings, anthologies and series have various options for publishing Open Access.


Editors can convert subscription-based journals to open access or start new open access journals.

Reports, posters and other textual materials

Authors have various possibilities to publish their materials and share them with the scientific community.

Reasearch data

Publishing research data offers many benefits to researchers and the scientific community.

Scientific Videos

Videos of research experiments, animations, video abstracts, lecture or conference recordings complement scientific publications and can be linked to them.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Publishing OER makes one's own teaching expertise visible in the scientific community.