Are you an editor of a journal or planning to start a journal?

You can find general information on founding an Open Access journal on the information platform.

On our pages on journal flipping, you will find information on converting subscription-based journals to Open Access and how TIB can support you in this process. Here you will also find a reference to the KOALA project, which sets up consortial cost structures for OA journals and may be able to support you in financing your OA journal. Learn more about journal flipping and our offers.

Publishing on TIB Open Publishing

Our publishing platform TIB Open Publishing offers professional publishing processes and is oriented towards relevant and progressive standards on Open Access criteria and technical principles. TIB Open Publishing provides editors with the technical infrastructure to run their journal and also advises on editorial issues.

Our service is open to all scientific disciplines, but we focus on TIB's range of subjects in science and technology.

In addition to the information on the TIB Open Publishing website, you can find more information in various posts on the TIB blog.

Contact us at openpublishingtibeu.