Research data

Data is produced in all academic disciplines. It is generated using various methods, such as interviews, surveys, experiments, measurements or the analysis of historical and philological sources. Depending on the method used and the specific research question, such data – usually called “research data” – is available in a variety of formats. Examples include spreadsheets, electronic text documents, photos, films and databases. As such, research data may be the subject of research, it may evolve during the research process, or it may be the outcome of research.

Publishing research data

TIB provides advice and support in choosing the right repositories and in publishing and archiving research data. More

Research data management

TIB offers training and advisory services on the topic of research data management and how to handle research data. More


TIB allocates DOI names (Digital Object Identifiers) for research data, enabling it to be referenced clearly and persistently. More about DOI Service

Research data search

Our Search for research data page provides information about the research data available in the TIB Portal and where other research data can be found.


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