Research Data Repository

RADAR primarily offers services to scientific institutions that wish to make their research data available in an interdisciplinary data repository based in Germany. In this connection, you can choose between having data archived or published. RADAR particularly offers extensive services for specialist scientific areas, the so-called 'long-tail' disciplines (Borgman, 2012). TIB is one of the partners involved in the DFG-funded project, which was initiated in 2013.

What are the advantages of publishing data in RADAR?

  • Data storage on servers in Germany featuring regular integrity checks
  • Research results are secure, irrespective of the duration of a project or staffing changes
  • Tiered access rights to archived data can be granted
  • Published data is given a digital object identifier (DOI): the data is traceable, citable and can be enriched with comprehensive background information (metadata)
  • After publication, published data can be ‚frozen’, enabling it to be cited and reused for other studies in line with good scientific practice
  • Together with cooperating publishing companies, RADAR offers data publication with optional peer review

Akin to the RADAR project, a data repository called SowiDataNet is also currently being constructed for social and economic science disciplines. SowiDataNet offers the simple option of self-archiving, documenting and distributing quantitative data from social and economic science disciplines, both of which are based to a considerable extent on empiricism.


Dr. Angelina Kraft

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