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Provision of data and interface documentation

The German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) supports the concept of Open Access and promotes free access to publicly funded data (Open Data).

All bibliographic data from the area of science and technology generated by TIB for its library catalogue, the metadata of freely available electronic collections as well es metadata and thumbnails of videos of the TIB AV Portal, which allow usage of their respective metadata and thumbnails under the Creative Commons License CC0 1.0, are made available under the terms of the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication Creative Commons licence.

This implies that TIB relinquishes to the greatest extent possible all claims resulting from copyright or related rights or other rights to the data and otherwise permits all further use (e.g. copying, distribution, dissemination, performance, presentation) and adaptation of this data in any form and for any purpose (including for commercial purposes) without restrictions. The CC0 1.0 licence does not affect existing patent or trade mark rights, nor any rights that other people may have to the work/content, such as personality or publicity rights.

Metadata for retrieval via OAI PMH

Metadata in the formats OAI Dublin Core, MARC XML and RDF XML can be downloaded via TIB’s OAI interface; there may be daily updates.

There are several tools that allow you to download our data via OAI-PMH. A tool with a graphical interface is for example MarcEdit.

TIB AV Portal metadata

Due to licensing restrictions and various filter functions, the number of data in the AV-Portal, the TIB-Portal and the number of data made available via the OAI interface differs. If you have any questions, please contact Anna Lichtenstein (anna.lichtensteintibeu).

Examples of links (updated daily)

Dublin Core:

The metadata as a dump

TIBKAT data and metadata of freely available electronic collections

The catalogue data of the TIB and the metadata of the freely available electronic collections are available in compressed form in the formats JSON-LD, N3 and Turtle:

RDF export of metadata of the TIB AV portal

The authoritative and time-based, automatically generated metadata of videos of the TIB AV Portalare also available in compressed form in the formats JSON-LD, N3 and Turtle. You will find the data sets on the download page of the TIB AV Portal.



TIB endeavours to provide high-quality services and data. Please support us in our efforts! When using data, please refer to TIB and create a link to to support the further distribution and use of the data.

Documentation of interfaces

In addition to retrieving data via the OAI interface, TIB catalogue data can also be searched via an SRU interface (Search/Retrieve via URL). In addition, an OpenURL interface is available for the search and order form retrieval in the TIB portal and it is possible to call up detailed views of documents directly. The various documentations can be found on our Wiki page.

A short overview of the structures of the RDF data of the TIB AV portal can be found in the documentation on the download page of the AV portal.


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