Leibniz Joint Lab Future Libraries & Research Data

Founded in 2023, the Joint Lab provides a framework for intensifying cooperation in research, development and teaching on "Future Libraries & Research Data" with Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HsH). In this way, the expertise of the institutions will be combined and a promising innovation cluster will be created in the areas mentioned.

The successful cooperation between TIB and HsH over many years already resulted in the establishment of a joint professorship in 2019, which was an important milestone for institutionalised cooperation and has been continuously expanded since then. Joint activities to date include third-party funded projects - especially at the Open Science Lab - as well as cooperatively supervised theses.

Instruments of the Joint Lab are the joint application and implementation of projects, research on and development of new methods, services and data sets as well as joint initiatives in training. The thematic focus is clearly on the topic of research data and data science as well as the future-oriented development of academic libraries, including the targeted training to recruit young researchers from the associated university courses at Bachelor's and Master's level.

In addition to the Data|H Institute, which emerged from the inter-faculty research cluster Smart Data Analytics, the Hannover Film Institute and the HsH library are also participating.

Research Data

(Further) development of services for Open Data


Data literacy

Improving skills for handling data in science and society


Open Research Information

Make information on research activities interoperable, findable, reusable and accessible



Prof. Dr. Ina Blümel

Head of Joint Lab and Deputy Head of Open Science Lab

Email: ina.bluemeltibeu
Phone: +49 511 762 14223


Prof. Dr. Christian Wartena

Head of Institut Data|H (Research Cluster Smart Data Analytics)

Email: christian.wartenahs-hannoverde
Phone: +49 511 9296 2594


Franziska Altemeier

Email: franziska.altemeiertibeu


Nina Düvel

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

E-Mail: nina.duevelhs-hannoverde

Simon Worthington

Publishing technologist and semanticClimate project coordinator

Email: simon.worthingtontibeu
Phone: +49 174 877 1599



The offices of the Joint Lab are located on the Bismarckstraße campus of the HsH in the direct neighbourhood of the Institute Data|H.