Latest news from Research & Development at TIB

A review of 2022 from the TIB’s perspective and what made the year special for us can be found online in the TIB Report 2022

Job advertisement No. 17/2023 – Applications open until 16 April 2023

Mastodon instance opened – why FID BAUdigital offers a Fediverse service for civil engineering, architecture and urban studies

With the TIB Terminology Service, TIB offers a central contact point for terminologies from the fields of science and technology

Successful dialogue on building data and standardisation

Stories of machine-actionable research contributions

According to the AMiner platform, TIB director is one of the most influential scientists in his field worldwide

Successful kick-off for nfdi4energy: Working together to strengthen energy system research with reusable data

Discover ConfIDent, the platform developed by TIB for sustainable information about scientific events

Seven episodes on the topic of "Fediverse and Science” with Lambert Heller from the TIB

Persistent identifiers in science and culture: making organisations, individuals and research resources uniquely identifiable

Seven episodes on the topic of "Fediverse and Science” with Lambert Heller from the TIB

Episode 1: Twitter and the Social Media Crisis 2022

Making architecture and graphics collections at universities valuable as important study material

With sock puppets, interactive art installations, games and data against disinformation

What is important to you when you do scholarly publishing?

The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics goes to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their experiments with entangled photons

Varied mix of lectures and interactivity on the topics of change, future and sustainability

How the TIB is using the ConfIDent tool to build a high-quality directory of scientific conferences without “predatory conferences”

Mastodon profiles can now be verified via the open source research information system VIVO as a result of an extension provided by the TIB