Latest news from research & development at TIB

21st International Conference on Grey Literature: Experts discuss grey literature in Hannover

Project partners discuss milestones and tasks at kick-off meeting

TIB prototype simplifies analysis of research information

An interview with Prof. em. Dr. Georg Rüppell from Braunschweig

In an interview, Professor Dr. (Univ. Simón Bolívar) Maria-Esther Vidal discusses the use of big data technologies in the health sector

The newly founded Competence Center at the Leibniz Joint Lab Data supports companies in Lower Saxony in terms of secure data exchange

Main topics were knowledge graphs and artificial intelligence

Best Paper Award for the paper "Understanding, Categorizing and Predicting Semantic Image-Text Relations"

Interview with Dr. Markus Stocker about Open Research Knowledge Graphs (ORKG)

Presentation on TIB's AV portal: reliable access to scientific films and videos in higher education teaching

Cooperation between TIB and OA publisher Copernicus enables publication of video abstracts in the AV portal and their display directly in the article

Inaugural lecture of Prof. Dr. Sören Auer

A collaborative directory of scientometric data sources

Review of the Digital Salon on the various aspects of the handling of research data

Industry event with founding of the IDS Competence Center at the L3S Research Center

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the AV-Portal, some cooperation partners and publisher of scientific videos introduce themselves

Lecture: "Is this an example image? – Predicting the Relative Abstractness Level of Image and Text"

How to improve the estimation of a photo’s geolocation

Latest developments in Open Access activities at Leibniz Universität Hannover and TIB as well as general trends in the area of Open Access

Investigative journalist Peter Onneken will start by reporting on his research on the topic of "Fake in Science"