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TIB will be closed on 10 May and on Whitsuntide

Submission of contributions from the fields of Data Integration and Data Management for the Life Sciences

In this workshop, participants will learn how to apply FAIR principles to research data and software management and development.

Christian Henning is awarded for his master thesis in the field of

Visual Analytics

TIB staff member again as mentor and TIB as scientific partner in the Fellow Program

More than 1,000 visitors from all over the world watch one or more of 14,000 scientific videos daily

High Performance Computing Research Infrastructure Services

On 20 March 2018, TIB organized an expert workshop on the realization of an Open Research Knowledge Graph

TIB Director in dialogue with NASIG

TIB covers the entire process from the planning to the publication of conference recordings

DFG funds new joint research project for automatic indexing in scientific video archives

BigMedilytics and BOOST 4.0 projects demonstrate how Big Data technologies can be used in Healthcare and Automotive Industry

Exchange on innovations in research and development in the fields of data integration and data management for the life sciences

Science and industry – challenges and solutions in cooperation for successful digitisation

Last week, TIB introduced the new conference recording service at Leibniz MMS Days 2018 in Leipzig

Interview with Professor Sören Auer about the SlideWiki platform

The changing TIB

100 days as Director of the TIB

Joint Lab "Data Science & Open Knowledge" as partner

New Wiki page helps students to find the right topic