Lab Non-Textual Materials (NTM)

In the Lab Non-Textual Materials, an interdisciplinary team comprising experts on IT development, multimedia retrieval and ontologies, media documentalists, information scientists and legal experts is engaged in fundamentally improving conditions of access and use for media types such as audiovisual media, 3D objects and research data. Non-textual materials are systematically collected, and preserved as cultural heritage.

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About Competence Centre for Non-Textual Materials (KNM)

The Competence Centre for Non-Textual Materials (KNM) has been funded by the Leibniz Association since 2011. The KNM undertakes interdisciplinary research and development projects with local, European and international partners, supports other knowledge institutes and knowledge providers in matters concerning non-textual materials, and provides services, tools and infrastructures as required. Moreover, it helps researchers, teaching staff and students to use, publish and gain access to non-textual materials (audiovisual media, 3D objects, research data, scientific software).