Scientific Software

We work on improving the citation ability and long-term usability of software

Small scripts, software packages, or high-performance computing platforms are all both tools of science, and its results. These artefacts are worthy in their own right of citation, re-use, archival, etc. Therefore, it should be possible to integrate any kind of scientific software into the publication process. This requires the following services:

  • recognized collaborative development platforms or repositories that simultaneously fulfill the good practice of scientific work
  • detailed documentation of the software as a technical and scientific publication
  • citation via DOI or other recognized references from the community
  • biblio- & scientometrics
  • (automatic) development possibilities for the application areas of software
  • secure and reliable archiving
  • rights management
  • ability to run the software
  • hosting

At TIB, we develop services and support scientists in their goal of applying the FAIR principles for scientific software, such as the FORCE11 principles for the citation of software, and by establishing a local Software/Data/Library Carpentries  partnership.