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TIB’s Visual Analytics Research Group develops innovative geolocalisation method

The lectures of the Open-Access-Tage 2018 in Graz are permanently archived and freely available in the AV-Portal

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage: Six binder files and reels and reels of film material tell the adventure of an expedition to Mexico 30 years ago

Big Data in the Life Sciences

Lectures, hands-on labs and exhibition participation: TIB contributions at a glance

More than 1,000 visitors from all over the world watch one or more of 14,000 scientific videos daily

TIB covers the entire process from the planning to the publication of conference recordings

Science and industry – challenges and solutions in cooperation for successful digitisation

Last week, TIB introduced the new conference recording service at Leibniz MMS Days 2018 in Leipzig

The changing TIB

… Felix Saurbier, Deputy Head of the Non-Textual Material Lab at TIB, about TIB Labs

Join in! Create and import high-quality educational content in the SlideWiki platform – and win up to 1,000 Euros

Kick-off of the new series of events of TIB and L3S Research Center

TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology is a reliable partner when it comes to digital preservation

A declaration of love to the queen of sciences

A contribution to the World Audiovisual Heritage Day 2017

Competence Center for non-textual materials (KNM) receives Best Poster Award at International Conference on Grey Literature

The DELFT project: TIB digitises almost 2,000 films of historical value from the area of ethnology and makes them available in its AV-Portal

The first 100 days as Director of the TIB

100 days as Director of the TIB