Latest news from the Open Science Lab

TIB minted the probably first Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for a conference with DataCite

A look back at the year 2020 from the TIB's perspective and what the TIB has achieved is available online in "Our highlights of the year"

Final report published: Review and results of the first cultural hackathon in Lower Saxony

“Support online teaching, foster openness”: Webinars on the use and creation of Open Educational Resources (OER)

we would briefly and clearly explain the TIB's diverse range of topics?

New ways in research funding: on agile project collaboration based on publicly shared data and methods

TIB employees are also happy to answer questions in individual discussions after the "Book a Scientist" event

Knowledge graph-based research data management with Wikibase: exchange and best practices

Digital practice workshop on the VIVO research information system on 23 and 24 March 2021

Leibniz researchers answer questions on topics that relate to our everyday lives