Research & Development at the Open Science Lab

Thematic focus and projects at the Open Science Lab

The Open Science Lab (OSL) applies methods on how digital assets may be opened and linked to increase their discoverability and re-use. OSL staff members teach such approaches in teaching assignments, presentations, workshops, mentoring programmes, or through agile methods, such as ‘Book Sprints’. Through VIVO and Linked Open Data, we enable researchers and institutions to communicate another perspective on the variety of their research outcomes to the wider public. 

The OSL collaborates intensively with Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Wikimedia Germany and several other institutions and networks.

Linked Open Data & Research Information

We localise the open source research information system VIVO to the characteristics of German-speaking science systems. Within the TIB-FIS-Discovery project, TIB staff members and their research outcomes are being presented in a VIVO system that is operated at TIB. We contribute to several networking and community activities related to VIVO, Linked Open Data and research information. Furthermore, we conduct a project that is related to research information. Within the project, we gather the needs of researchers concerning scientometric data and develop a reference implementation.

"Open" Projects & Content Mining

We carry out various (third-party funded) projects that focus on open data sets in libraries and other heritage institutions. We improve the discoverability of these open data sets for the public internet, by using free licenses, modelling Linked Open Data, enriching with Wikidata, indexing in search engines, etc. In parallel, we are involved in Open GLAM initiatives such as Europeana.

Open Science Communication

We support the adaption of open science into current scientific practices via the FOSTER Plus project, and invited international open science advocates to share their expertise in an ‘Open Science Training Handbook’. To raise the visibility of open science in future research systems, we established an ‘Open Science Blog’. Furthermore, we developed an ‘Open Science Worldmap’ that maps the expectations, approaches, and principles as well as participants of open science. The goal is to develop a central knowledge platform in this area.

Early Career Researchers (ECRs)

OSL’s research and development activities are closely intertwined with the study programme in Information Management at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. As part of the Open Science Fellows Program, funded by Wikimedia Germany, Volkwagen Foundation and Stifterverband, OSL participates in the mentoring programme and TIB acts as one of the scientific advisors.

TIB Labs

We open up our current R&D activities: At TIB Labs, you may find experimental services, beta versions and prototypes, that have not yet been added to TIB’s service portfolio.