Digitisation and specialist indexing of the graphic stocks of the collection of architect Albrecht Haupt



Dr. Irina Sens (TIB), Prof. Dr. Markus Jager (LUH)


Dr. Hedda Saemann, PD Dr. habil. Simon Paulus, Dr. Birte Rubach, Prof. Dr. Ina Blümel, Dr. Lozana Rossenova, Christian Hauschke, Georgy Litvinov, Tatiana Walther


German Research Foundation (DFG)


February 2023 – January 2026


In the GESAH+ project, the digitisation and indexing of the Albrecht Haupt Collection is being continued. The aim is to make this important collection digitally available to the public. The cataloguing tool TIB SAH digital will be further expanded.


The collection of the architect and university professor Albrecht Haupt (1852-1932), which was assembled at the end of the 19th century and is still stored and preserved at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), is one of the most special collections of its kind and represents an important source of art and cultural history. Since 2019, TIB and the Institute of the History and Theory of Architecture at Leibniz University Hanover have been working together on a joint project to digitize and index the holdings of loose individual prints for the first time. For the basic indexing of the prints and the in-depth indexing of the unique architectural drawings, a separate indexing environment was developed based on the open source software Vitro. Based on the results and new findings of the current GESAH project, the GESAH+ project will focus on those holdings in the Albrecht Haupt Collection that are related to the single, loose prints in terms of content and collection history, but which, as a result of various reorganisations, were assigned to the monographic holdings of Haupt's library or fell through the cracks of previous inventories. Among these holdings, a large number of bound volumes of prints from the 16th to the 18th century as well as architectural hand drawings are particularly noteworthy, the indexing of which promises new insights into a wide variety of topics in the history of European art and architecture. With regard to the architectural drawings, these holdings will open up new insights into the work monographs of the architects Carl Fredrik Sundvall (1754-1831) or Alexander von Tritschler (1828-1907), among others, and offer new research approaches that can be further developed, for example, on the holdings of post-Gothic proofs and their master stamps. The high potential of these holdings made accessible by GESAH+ will be used to expand and optimize the GESAH indexing environment. Not only will the Albrecht Haupt Collection benefit from these efforts. As a partner in the NFDI4Culture consortium, TIB has been active in various task areas since October 2020. GESAH+ will act as a use case to dock to the NFDI4Culture infrastructure via an interface and thus use the future tools and services of the community and in return contribute to the knowledge graph and the NFDI4Culture portal with digitized object presentations and fair data.



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