Migration of the AV portal to TIB's infrastructure



Dr. Sven Strobel


Viktor Eisenstadt, Karsten Hachmeister, Rico Koch, Sebastian Peters


since September 2018



TIB's AV portal uses multimedia analysis methods to provide optimized search results for AV media that can be clearly referenced and cited with segment precision. The AV portal is currently being migrated to TIB's infrastructure and will be continuously modernized and modularized.



Hosting and operation of the AV portal will be provided entirely at TIB in future. This includes the core components for frontend and backend as well as all additional modules and plug-ins. Currently, the Scrum team of the AV-Portal is migrating frontend and backend to TIB's infrastructure. It is also planned to provide customers with instances of the frontend. This will enable these customers to make their own video content available to users.

Other strategic goals of the Lab Non-Textual-Materials are the following:

  • Modernization and modularization of the system architecture
  • Extension of analysis functionalities
  • Installation of open source components (in exchange for proprietary components)

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