NMC Horizon Report – Library Edition



Lambert Heller

The objectives of the project include:

  • Identifying key trends, major challenges and new technologies that may have an impact of scientific libraries worldwide
  • Describing and classifying these trends, challenges and technologies by degree of difficulty and up-to-dateness
  • Collaboratively creating the study with a team of select experts from around the world, based on a modification of the Delphi process
  • Updating the report annually and making it available as an Open Access resource
  • Translating the report into German and accompanying the report in the German-speaking specialist public


The “NMC Horizon Report > Library Edition” is published by


http://blogs.tib.eu/wp/horizon/ (Blog articles)


The internationally acclaimed series NMC Horizon Report and the regional publication NMC Technology Outlooks belong to the NMC Horizon Project, which was established in 2002. The technological developments that are expected to have a major influence on education throughout the world over the next five years are determined and described on an annual basis. This new series, the annual NMC Horizon Report – Library Edition, investigates the key trends, major challenges and new technologies with regard to the impact they may have on university and research libraries throughout the world. To this end, a team of international experts has selected, discussed and assessed relevant topics. The result: a look at the future of scientific libraries.


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