Places of Gestapo terror in present-day Lower Saxony



Prof. Dr. Ina Blümel


Dr. Janine Doerry, Nils Casties (Web Development)


Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture

Funding code



November 2020 – October 2022



The project aims both to investigate the activities of the Gestapo with regard to its locations and infrastructure and to make the existing knowledge about the crimes of the Gestapo and the later memory of them digitally accessible. A four-dimensional map, in conjunction with a Wikibase instance, serves to record archive, literature and other source material, evaluate it for research purposes and publish it as an interactive internet presence. The project further develops the open source prototype of the research database into a public resource that can be used and supplemented by memorials and educational institutions in Lower Saxony as well as by researchers, students and other interested parties.


  • Investigation of Gestapo locations, in particular headquarters and detention centers, as well as literature research on the organisational structure, personnel and tasks of the Gestapo > Integration of research results into the knowledge resources on Gestapo activities
  • Development of a digital map prototype along with a Wikibase instance to address the research question > Further development of the prototype into an interactive Internet presence with the involvement of specialist communities and developers from partner institutions
  • Cooperation with the Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation > Cooperation with Memorial Sites, Places of Remembrance, Initiatives and Schools
  • Activation of the public, interactive website > Adaptation of the platform to the behaviour and needs of users and registered contributors


  • Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation


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