Prototypical operation for general documents



Dr. Irina Sens


Dr. Ina Blümel


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)


1 January 2007 – 31 December 2011


The development of tools and the prototypical operation of a service for automated indexing, storage and presentation of non-textual types of documents.



PROBADO 3D Für die Nutzung benötigen Sie Microsoft Silverlight.)


The use of multimedia data is becoming ever more important. The aim of the PROBADO project was to develop tools which allow academic libraries, such as the TIB, to integrate scientifically-relevant multimedia material into their processing chains as easily as specialised textual information. At the TIB in Hannover, the PROBADO 3D is being incorporated as an element in PROBADO’s ‘Leistungszentrum für Forschungsinformation’ (centre for research information) with its expertise in the indexing, searching and presentation of 3D models.

3D models created with CAD are indispensable in the construction industry, not only in practical applications, but also for research and teaching. The number and complexity of models are increasing greatly due to the extensive use of current CAD applications and heterogeneous planning tasks. At the same time, users’ expectations of suitable access and presentation modalities for the searching in, and use of, such inventories are also on the increase. In order to enable the selective location of 3D models, PROBADO 3D offers the following tools:

Content-based, indexing technologies

  • recognition of different content in the model
  • automatic creation of descriptive data
  • semi-automatic classification

Visual search possibilities

  • by web interface or directly from the CAD environment, for example from Google SketchUp
  • by intuitive drawing with 2D and 3D sketching tools
  • presentation of the results even during the sketching.

PROBADO 3D not only allows the search for already integrated models, but also allows for the input of own models. The PROBADO system is based upon a distributed architecture which enables the integration of external repositories.

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