Remember Me!

Digitally unlocking memories and places



Prof. Dr. Ina Blümel


Gabriele Fahrenkrog


Stiftung Niedersachsen and Klosterkammer Hannover


December 2021 – May 2023



 "Remember Me!" is a follow-up to the project Coding da Vinci Niedersachsen 2020 and now promotes a use case for working with pupils on open data.

Through "Remember Me!", pupils at the levels of Sek I and Sek II at schools in Lower Saxony can acquire skills in the handling, use and further processing as well as the open provision of open cultural and geodata within the framework of hackathons. For the pupils, the project offers unique content and the opportunity to work creatively with cultural data, i.e. their own history, to develop new and innovative ways of using it, to create access points and to place the data in previously undreamed-of contexts.

Among other things, the pupils learn to find information about "their" place in online sources such as the digital monument atlas, library catalogs, Wikidata and Wikipedia and add to it: By linking database entries, their own photos, geodata determined independently with their own cell phones, etc.

The hackathons are supplemented by a series of free workshops in which the pupils are taught how to work with open data and various ways of processing and making it available.

The knowledge gained will be available and can be further developed beyond the project period. Workshop concepts, the created working materials as well as all materials produced in connection with "Remember Me!" will be shared as Open Educational Resources (OER).

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