Christian Hauschke


Martin Barber, Tatiana Walther

Development of a discovery system for TIB research information on the basis of a KDSF VIVO implementation at TIB for presenting TIB’s research activities.



What research is being undertaken at TIB? What has been published? Which research projects are being conducted? The current research information system VIVO, based on linked data software, offers comprehensive, up-to-date and needs-based answers to questions such as these.

VIVO is a community-based open source software for presenting interlinked researcher profiles on the web. VIVO enables scholarly activities to be stored, edited, searched, browsed and visualised. VIVO provides support in the presentation of academic output, network analysis and the assessment of research, and acts as an expert search system. For example, VIVO supports visualised evaluations of publication frequencies and co-authoring networks. Researchers can add further information to their own profiles. VIVO can easily be adapted and then used for other domains.

VIVO relies on linked data and open standards. With the ontologies provided, scholars, projects, publications and much more can be described, and own ontologies can easily be added.


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