TIB Labs



Felix Saurbier


Martin Barber, Christian Hauschke, Torsten Kind, Christian Krause, Huu Hung Nguyen, Markus Prinzhorn, Tatiana Walther


15 July 2017 – 31 October 2017



Within the scope of the “TIB Labs” project a technical infrastructure and general framework for the operation, presentation, and public accessibility of prototypical and experimental services at the TIB were developed and set up.


In order to continuously expand and improve its services, the TIB conducts its own applied research and development projects. The focus here is on developing and establishing new and innovative services as part of TIB’s future product portfolio. In order to increase the visibility of new developments and research results at the TIB, a separate "labs" infrastructure was set up. At the TIB Labs, experimental tools, beta versions and prototypes developed in the context of current research and development activities can be operated and presented in a uniform manner.

Objectives of the project were

  • the definition of a general framework for the operation of experimental services at TIB,
  • the development and provision of a suitable technical infrastructure,
  • setting up a web presence for TIB Labs, and
  •  the preparation and integration of the first pilot services.

This will allow for gaining practical experience with new technologies, identifying user needs and market potential at an early stage, and testing of new services under real-life conditions.

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