Supporting Online Teaching, Promoting Open Education: Train-the-Trainer Program for Student Assistants



Margret Plank


Britta Beutnagel, Stina Schäfer, Lennart Rosseburg


Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony


June 2020 – May 2023


The goal of the project is the development and implementation of a continuing education program for student assistants in in Lower Saxony's universities that focuses on the development of open educational materials for online teaching


Digital teaching and learning formats are currently gaining in significance at universities. With the expansion of online teaching, openly licensed educational materials (Open Educational Resources, OER for short) are becoming more and more relevant. Against this background, student assistants are confronted with the task of supporting teaching staff in the transfer of their classroom-based educational concepts into digital settings that meet the criteria of OER.

In order to prepare student assistants for this new challenge, a train-the-trainer concept is being developed and implemented at the TIB, which is intended to enabe the target group to independently digitize teaching units as well as to develop OER. In addition, the student assistants are prepared to pass on the knowledge they acquired within the train-the-trainer program in their own courses and seminars (e.g. workshops, tutorials).

The program is planned as a digital setting that follows the principles of a flipped classroom concept: webinars and a digital colloquium frame a self-directed and practice-oriented e-learning phase. While the webinar sessions have to be attended by all participants, the content of the self-directed e-learning phase can be selected according to the participant’s individual needs. The program’s thematic focus lies on technical possibilities for the development and use of open educational resources in different formats, learning management systems and web applications.

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