Research Groups and Labs

Research focuses on Data Science and Digital Libraries, Scientific Data Management, Visual Analytics, Open Science and Non-textual Materials.

Data Science & Digital Libraries Research Group

In the research group led by Prof. Dr. Sören Auer, methods and techniques for the semantic linking of data, information and knowledge are developed and technology is implemented for the various user groups of the TIB.

Scientific Data Management Research Group

Led by Prof. Dr. Maria-Esther Vidal, the research group is working on how to analyze large amounts of data to discover previously unrecognizable patterns and relationships.

Visual Analytics Research Group

The research group, led by Prof. Dr. Ralph Ewerth, explores visual analysis, retrieval, and presentation methods used in digital libraries as well as in media archives and databases.

Knowledge Infrastructures Research Group

Covering concepts, implementations and applications, the junior research group, led by Dr. Markus Stocker, advances software artifacts in their ability to support researchers in the generation, sharing, and maintenance of scientific knowledge.

Lab Learning and Skill Analytics

The work of this junior research group, led by Dr. Gábor Kismihók, covers a range of topics that are fundamental to understanding learning and educational processes in the 21st century.

Lab Linked Scientific Knowledge

This lab, led by Dr. Oliver Koepler, is concerned with the development of services for research data infrastructures, with the development of ontologies and the semantic networking of research data through ontologies.

Lab Non-Textual Materials

The Lab, led by Margret Plank, develops and operates innovative infrastructures, tools, and services that improve the retrieval, searching, and citation of videos, research data, graphics, and Open Educational Resources (OER).

Open Science Lab

The Lab, led by Lambert Heller and Prof. Dr. Ina Blümel, supports the digital opening of science and culture by helping communities to adopt new methods and tools in their practice.