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Lambert Heller of the TIB talks about FAIR principles and their importance for open science in an interview with Nature Index

In a series of weekly short articles I'm discussing on LinkedIn some key ideas from recent talks I gave on the topic of Cognitive Data. Here you find…

More than 70 Experts exchange knowledge and experience on the latest technological developments

TIB Director receives two million Euro for his research project on knowledge-based information flows

A Review of the event held at the TIB as the post-conference of the DILS2018

About libraries, knowledge graphs, robots and digital change

Big Data in the Life Sciences

Honorable Mention Award for the paper "Finding Person Relations in Image Data of News Collections in the Internet Archive"

Kooperationsvereinbarung zum verantwortlichen Umgang mit Daten unterzeichnet

Numerous TIB publications and posters accepted

Professor Dr. Sören Auer gives a lecture on "Semantic representation of research results in a research knowledge graph"

Publication presents digital services of TIB

Registration is open

On 22 November 2018, immediately following the conference Data Integration in the Life Sciences (DILS2018)

Application possibilities of knowledge graphs will be presented at the Lower Saxony Pavilion

BigMedilytics and BOOST 4.0 projects demonstrate how Big Data technologies can be used in Healthcare and Automotive Industry

High Performance Computing Research Infrastructure Services

Exchange on innovations in research and development in the fields of data integration and data management for the life sciences

On 20 March 2018, TIB organized an expert workshop on the realization of an Open Research Knowledge Graph

TIB Director in dialogue with NASIG