Olga Lezhnina

Research Assistant

Olga Lezhnina is member of Learning and Skill Analytics Research Group.

After obtaining her first degree in physics (1995) and working for many years in education, Olga Lezhnina continued her career as an educational scientist. While in a master’s program (MSc. Psychology: Learning Sciences, LMU Munich), she worked as a tutor in statistics and was responsible for teaching students the fundamentals of statistical methodology and data analysis in R. After graduation, she was admitted to the TIB as a research assistant and a PhD student in Data Science, and currently she is involved in an interdisciplinary international Nursing AI project and also carries out an independent research applying statistical and machine learning models to a large-scale educational assessment dataset (PISA) in order to study the interactions between ICT-related factors.


  • Data science models and techniques 
  • Statistical methodology, statistical modeling
  • Educational psychology
  • Psychological aspects of human-technology interaction


Email: olga.lezhninatibeu
Phone: +49 511 762-19044