Lab Linked Scientific Knowledge

The Lab Linked Scientific Knowledge, founded in 2019, is part of the Data Science & Digital Libraries research group and focuses on the development of innovative services in this research area.
Areas of work are

  • the development of knowledge and data management systems and services for research data infrastructures
  • the development of ontologies and
  • the semantic networking of research data through ontologies

The Lab Linked Scientific Knowledge collaborates closely with the Lab Research Data .

Current projects

  • INF-Project of the Collaborative Research Centre  CRC 1153 Tailored Forming
  • INF- Project of the Collaborative Research Centre  CRC 1368 Oxygen-Free Production
  • Chemistry Consortium NFDI4Chem in the National Research Data Infrastructure
  • Innovative Lehr- und Lernkonzepte: Innovation plus (2023/2024)“, Lehre und praktische Anwendung der FAIR Daten Prinzipien in Studium Ingenieurwissenschaften, Leibniz Universität Hannover


Dr. Oliver Koepler