Members of Lab Linked Scienific Knowledge

Dr. Oliver Koepler

Head of Lab Group Linked Scientific Knowledge

Email: oliver.koeplertibeu
Phone: +49 511 762-3449


Mohamed Amer

Scientific Software Developer

Email: mohamed.amertibeu



Marc Hinterthaner

Software Developer

Email: marc.hinterthanertibeu



Johannes Hunold

Research Assistant

Email: johannes.hunoldtibeu



Bhavin Katabathuni

Scientific Software Developer

Email: bhavin.katabathunitibeu



Vatsalkumar Limbachia

Scientific Software Developer

Email: vatsalkumar.limbachiatibeu



Pooya Oladazimi

Scientific Software Developer

E-Mail: pooya.oladazimitibeu



Philip Strömert

Research Assistant,, Ontology Engineer

Email: philip.stroemerttibeu