Dr. Oliver Koepler

Head of Lab Linked Scientifc Knowledge

Dr. Oliver Koepler holds a PhD in chemistry from the Technical University of Braunschweig. He has several years of experience in developing services for digital libraries and research data management systems in the natural sciences. Previous projects include personalized knowledge spaces in chemistry, a visual search approach in research data and the development of the TIB discovery system.

In the Lab Linked Scientific Knowledge Dr. Oliver Koepler is working on the (further) development of knowledge and data management systems, the development of ontologies and the semantic linking of data. Dr. Oliver Koepler has coordinated the formation of the Chemistry NFDI4Chem consortium for the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), of which he is spokesperson together with Prof. Christoph Steinbeck. He is active in initiatives such as the Research Data Alliance (RDA), Go FAIR or the International Union of Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

Dr. Oliver Koepler supports good scientific practice at the TIB as an ombudsperson for science.


Email: oliver.koeplertibeu
Phone: +49 511 762-3449

Current projects

  • INF-Project of the Collaborative Research Centre  CRC 1153 Tailored Forming
  • INF- Project of the Collaborative Research Centre  CRC 1368 Oxygen-Free Production
  • Chemistry Consortium NFDI4Chem in the National Research Data Infrastructure

Information about publications, projects and activities can be found in the TIB research information system [link to ] and at ORCID. You can find me on Twitter @okoepler.


Postal address: Welfengarten 1 B, 30167 Hannover

Address for visitors: Lange Laube 30, 30159 Hannover