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New in the AV-Portal: AI-based speech recognition, high-definition and dynamic front end

TIB involved in the “DiNaMO“ project – analysing the potential and barriers to participation in virtual conferences

Find out how B!SON, the recommendation system for Open Access journals, works in our video

For the National Education Platform she talks about the TOERN2 project, which helps to find, create and use OER

Interesting facts about library life, news from research and development, more about TIB projects, activities and events

The two-day conference of the Lower Saxony OER portal twillo will focus on open, digital teaching materials

Seven episodes on the topic of ”Fediverse and Science” with Lambert Heller from TIB

Seven episodes on the topic of ”Fediverse and Science” with Lambert Heller from TIB

A review of 2022 from the TIB’s perspective and what made the year special for us can be found online in the TIB Report 2022

Seven episodes on the topic of "Fediverse and Science” with Lambert Heller from the TIB

Episode 1: Twitter and the Social Media Crisis 2022

First international conference OPEN SCIENCE AND INNOVATION IN UKRAINE

The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics goes to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their experiments with entangled photons

Varied mix of lectures and interactivity on the topics of change, future and sustainability

How the TIB is using the ConfIDent tool to build a high-quality directory of scientific conferences without “predatory conferences”

Easier to find videos, an improved upload form and the subtitling of videos – what has changed in the TIB AV-Portal in 2022?

The lectures of the Open-Access-Tage 2022 in Bern are permanently archived and freely available in the AV-Portal

Building up and heading a research group at TIB and close cooperation with the Open Research Knowledge Graph initiative

Easily find and provide educational resources for higher education teaching with the portal for Open Educational Resources

New in the AV-Portal: two documentaries on the life and work of the Göttingen based physicist Robert Wichard Pohl and his popular experiment videos