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Video usage data from the TIB AV Portal provide insights into the importance of the pause button for understanding learning videos

To celebrate “Audivoisual Heritage Day”, the TIB blog has more about the activities to preserve the Ethnological Film Collection of the former IWF

TIB employees present an icon of the history of science in the 20th century

Climate change is among the greatest challenges facing mankind: the AV-Portal offers a wide range of scientific videos on the subject

TIB receives funding for the processing of the supplementary materials of the ethnological films of the Encyclopaedia Cinematographica

Support for the development of Open Educational Resources

Interesting facts about library life, news from research and development, more about TIB projects, activities and events

TIB minted the probably first Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for a conference with DataCite

A look back at the year 2020 from the TIB's perspective and what the TIB has achieved is available online in "Our highlights of the year"

TIB is featured in the magazine of the L3S Research Center with the OER portal twillo, the AV-Portal and the topic of digital learning and working

we would briefly and clearly explain the TIB's diverse range of topics?

Lower Saxony State Office for the Preservation of Monuments and TIB enter into media partnership

Summary of the webinar series “Doing science in times of crisis: Science studies perspectives on COVID-19” organized by CWTS and TIB

TIB employees are also happy to answer questions in individual discussions after the "Book a Scientist" event

Funding of student assistants for the digitisation of seminars

A short foray into maths videos in the TIB AV-Portal on the occasion of the annually celebrated International Mathematics Day and Pi Day on 14 March

A new video from the project explains the basics of Open Access in one minute

Leibniz researchers answer questions on topics that relate to our everyday lives

TIB congratulates the free online encyclopaedia on its anniversary and celebrates free knowledge and openess together with Wikipedia

Current issue of the journal “Bibliothek: Forschung und Praxis“ with four TIB contributions