Lab Research Data Services

Founded in 2019, the Lab Research Data Services is part of the Non-Textual Materials Lab.

The lab focuses on the following areas of work

  • the planning, design and implementation of infrastructure projects for sustainable archiving and the permanent availability of digital research data,
  • improving the visibility of research achievements, and
  • the (further) development of data management systems.

Research data is created in everyday scientific life: students, doctoral students, post-docs and established scientists generate or collect data as part of their scientific work. The type and scope of the data are extremely diverse: they range from Excel tables measuring a few kilobytes to collections of satellite images comprising several 100 terabytes. Particularly in disciplines outside the so-called Big Data Communities and in university libraries, there is often a lack of suitable infrastructures for the sustainable archiving and publication of research data. Structured, traceable data archiving and publication is the exception in many interdisciplinary research areas and other scientific disciplines, also known as the 'Long Tail of Science'. These areas in particular offer an opportunity to make scientific research usable beyond disciplinary boundaries.

The Lab works closely with the other research data services of the TIB to develop such services. As a DataCite member, the TIB offers a DOI Service for research data, is active in LUH's research data management and administers the ORCID DE consortium.

The following projects are currently underway:


Dr. Angelina Kraft
Lead of Lab Research Data Services

Dr. Anette Ganske