Thematic focus and projects in the Lab Non-Textual Materials

The focus areas of the Lab include the TIB AV-Portal, the conference recording service and the OER-Portal Niedersachsen. The Lab Research Data Services (RDS), which is part of the Lab Non-Textual Materials, deals specifically with infrastructure projects from the research data and software area in connection with the TIB activities in the context of  the National Research Data Infrastructures (NFDI) and Subject Information Services (FID). The Lab NTM also conducts training, especially in the areas of research data management and AV media for their target groups. The activities are further expanded through the acquisition of third-party funding. The Lab NTM works closely with the research groups Visual Analytics as well as Scientific Data Management, Learning and Skill Analytics, the Open Science Lab and the Development department.

Audiovisual Media

With the AV Portal, the TIB has developed a platform for scientific audiovisual materials that allows free access to high-quality scientific videos. We develop - in close cooperation with the Visual Analytics research group - automatic analysis methods and semantic search methods, we provide the metadata as Linked Open Data and we support our users with various developments and services around the topic of audiovisual media. More

Open Educational Resources

University teaching is increasingly taking place digitally. University teachers have to adapt their learning materials to the requirements of digital teaching – in addition to research, teaching and institute tasks. So-called Open Educational Resources (OER) can make this work much easier. OER offer lecturers the possibility of re-using high-quality educational materials, adapting them to specific teaching and learning contexts and further developing them (collaboratively). The basis for this is, on the one hand, the open licensing of materials and, on the other hand, the use of technical standards that guarantee the retrieval, re-use and interoperability of digital materials.

The Lab NTM and the Department of Development support university teachers in the field of OER with the OER-Portal Niedersachsen -, funded by the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK) as well as with ongoing training and support offers (e.g. train-the-trainer, integration in higher education personnel development, e.g. Hochschule Emden / Leer and Leibniz University Hannover): HS EL, LUH).


Images play a crucial role in the communication of scientific knowledge, be it in the form of diagrams, photos, sketches or technical drawings. The Lab NTM is therefore concerned with the automatic analysis and indexing of media data as a prerequisite for effective searching in these multimedia data sets.

In our joint project ExPresVip - Exploitation of Research Results through Visual Patent Retrieval, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research(BMBF), we have set ourselves the goal of developing a novel prototype visual search for patent retrieval based on the automatic recognition of image similarities and text-image references in patent specifications (piloted for the fields of autonomous driving and wind power).

Research Data Service

The Lab Research Data Service has the aim to develop infrastructures and tools making research data interoperable, discoverable, reusable and accessible.

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Margret Plank
Competence Centre for non-textual Materials