Audiovisual media

The aspect of transferring scientific knowledge via video to society, culture, the economy and politics is becoming more and more important. Videos can be embedded in websites of researchers, institutes or scientific blogs, they can be shared via social media and incorporated into lectures. In this way, they develop a visibility that reaches into various social and economic spheres. The Lab NTM deals with the topics of knowledge transfer and learning with videos, as well as multimedia retrieval and semantic indexing of media data. In this thematic area, we support our users with the following developments services:

The TIB AV-Portal

Together with the Hasso Plattner Institute, TIB has developed a portal for scientific videos – the TIB AV-Portal  – and has been operating it since 2014. The Portal allows the professional hosting and semantic indexing of scientific videos for research purposes. The portal currently provides more than 34,000 (as of August 2021) quality-checked scientific videos. In order to ensure the sustained availability of the videos and their referencing to the second, they are digitally preserved for the long term and given a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and Media Fragment Identifier (MFID). In addition, various automated analysis procedures are used in the AV-Portal to make the videos accessible on a fine-granular and time-based basis: Temporal segmentation; keyframe-based text recognition (Video OCR); speech recognition for the creation of audio transcripts; annotation with predefined visual concepts; and semantic analysis and detailed tagging of the video content with subject-specific keywords. With the help of these analysis methods, information and content can be precisely localised through semantic and explorative search functionalities ("facet search"), videos can be searched in terms of content and relevant video sections can be called up with segment precision. Via a cross-lingual mapping (German-English) of the semantic knowledge base, the videos in the portal can  be searched across languages. The metadata is also available as standard CC0-licensed RDF data for further use.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Service

For the automatic transcription (German and English) of the videos from the AV-Portal, we have set up a service based on the open source software KALDI, which will also be made available to third parties in the future.

Co Branding AV Portal

For the FID's and NFDI's we partly provide and operate our own instances of the AV portal for a curated selection of films. If you are interested in your own AV portal instance, please contact us.

ConRec Conference Recording Service

With the recording service, TIB offers a comprehensive package from recording to livestreaming to publication according to scientific standards in the AV-Portal or on other platforms as desired. This service addresses conference organisers from science and industry who want to record lectures and make them available to the community or a wider audience. In addition to conference recordings, TIB produces project videos, info clips and video abstracts.

Skills Training Video Production

The Lab NTM offers hands-on workshops and webinars on video production for different target groups. The workshops teach the basics of video production, from conception to shooting, editing and publishing of the video footage.

TIB AV-Analytics

As part of the DFG-funded third-party project TIB AV-Analytics (coordinated by the Visual Analytics research group), we are expanding the AV portal to include an analysis platform for requirements from media science.

Europeana Aggregator

As an aggregator of scientific and scholarly videos, we provide standardised metadata to EUROPEANA, which publishes them on its portal. In addition, we are involved in EU-funded projects that aim to make EUROPEANA fit for AV media, such as the Europeana XX and Europeana Media projects.


Margret Plank
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