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SlideWiki offers an open source online platform for creating and sharing Open Educational Resources (OER) in the form of presentation slides.

The first 100 days as Director of the TIB

New service of the TU9 libraries: Search engine for all Open Access publications of the nine members

Financial ans technical support, consulting and mentoring for the creation of open learning materials on SlideWiki

From document-based to knowledge-based information flows in science and technology

Authoring collaboratively a Handbook for Open Science Training in just five days

The TIB operates and presents its experimental services, beta versions and prototypes on the new platform

38 participants discussed practical experience and challenges regarding the VIVO research information system at TIB

Die meisten wissenschaftlichen Artikel enthalten Abbildungen, und zwar meistens mehrere. Das Projekt NOA – Nachnutzung von Open-Access-Abbildungen…

Why we should consider the Blockchain technology when thinking about Open Scholarship, explains Lambert Heller in two minutes in the TIB-Blog