Samaneh Jozashoori

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant at the Joint Lab of L3S Research Center and TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology  and Computer Science PhD student in Leibniz Universität Hannover. I hold a master degree (MSc.) in Life Science Informatics from Bonn University, Germany, and a bachelor degree (BSc.) in Information Technology Engineering from Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Iran.

I enjoy working on interdisciplinary topics involving Data Science and Life Sciences. My previous research experiences are in different areas such as NGS data analysis, microarray data analysis using ANN, text mining in biomedical data and knowledge discovery.


Currently, I am more interested in Semantic Data Integration, Biomedical Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Graph Creation from Big Data.
I am also collaborating in two EU-funded projects; iASiS, Big Data for Precision Medicine and BigMedilytics, Big Data for Medical Analytics.

Information about my publications can be found at Google.Scholar and ResearchGate.


Email: Samaneh.Jozashooritibeu
Phone: +49 511 762-17125


Postal address: Forschungszentrum L3S, Appelstr. 9a, 30167 Hannover

Address for visitors: Lange Laube 28, 30159 Hannover