Available Thesis Topics

If you are interested in working on one of the below topics, please contact Dr. Anett Hoppe (anett.hoppe[at]tib.eu.). Please note that we can only supervise students registered in the study courses Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

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  • the type of student project that you are interested in (lab, bachelor or master thesis) ,
  • the topic(s) your are interested in (please limit yourself to your top 3).
  • which study course you are enrolled in

(See the topics in detail)

  • Automated chart Fact checking (MA)
  • Complexity of Educational Videos (BA, MA)
  • Detecting  Attention-Directing Behaviors in Learning Videos (BA, MA)
  • Grade-Level Classification for Chemistry (BA, MA)
  • Image-text relations probing and data generation with large language models (LLMs) (BA, MA)
  • Information Extraction from Charts and Tables using Vision-Language Models (BA, MA)
  • Multimodal claim detection by enriching information extraction across modalities (MA)
  • Multimodal News Recommendation using semantic relations information and knowledge fusion (MA)
  • News values estimation and generation with large language models (LLMs) over news image-text pairs (BA, MA)
  • Sports Field Registration (BA, MA)



  • Classification of figures and relevant text relations in scientific documents
    edited by Sebastian Holzki
  • Person identification in image data of the internet archive
    edited by Sebastian Diering 
  • Aligning and visualising positon and video data of football games
  • Automatic classification of team formations in football games using position data
    edited by Jonas Theiner 
  • Evaluation of data augmentation techniques for formula recognition in images 
  • Content analysis and result visualization for video analytics
  • Automatic analysis of student drawings in chemistry lessons using machine learning
  • A system for exploring relations between scientific publications and software implementations
    edited by Jascha Hagen
    completed in November 2017 
  • Image geolocation estimation using context information
    edited by Kader Pustu-Iren 
    completed in October 2017
  • Enriching scientific videos with information from open data sources
    completed in October 2017
  • Synthesizing face variations from limited data for face recognition
    completed in May 2017 
  • Estimating the information gap between textual and graphical representations
    edited by Christian Henning
    completed in January 2017