TIB Transfer

Knowledge transfer in the TIB comprises all activities that bring knowledge, skills or technology into society and business, and promote exchange with them. To ensure this, we offer a variety of services and consulting. Together with the L3S Research Centre at Leibniz Universität Hannover, we also organise events for business. 

Series of events for business

At the TIB and at the L3S Research Centre, a wide range of research and technology expertise has been developed in recent years in areas that are central to digitisation. These include, for example:

  •     Big Data Analytics,
  •     Machine learning,
  •     Visual Analytics,
  •     semantic data networking and
  •     Open Innovation.

In our series of events for business, we present these competencies and technologies to interested cooperation partners from business and society. In addition, companies present their perspectives, requirements and applications.

The series of events serves as an incubator for transfer and innovation projects with the aim of sustainably strengthening the cooperation between research and industry for successful digitisation in the Hannover region.

Previous events:

Services and consulting offered by the TIB

Scientific or technical services are provided by the TIB for third parties for a fee, based on the TIB's expertise or using the TIB's infrastructure. You will find a selection of our previous services in the following overview.

Offering Brief description Target group
TIB Conference Recording Service Video recording and production of conference presentations and panel discussions as well as publication in the AV-Portal  
  • Organisers of conferences
  • Organisers of other scientific/industrial events
Digital Preservation-as-a-Service Advice and support on the long-term preservation, long-term availability and interpretability of digital materials  
  • Universities/Academic institutions
  • non-academic research institutions
  • Research scientists
  • commercial research
  • Service facilities (e.g. libraries, archives, museums)
  • Research funders and Funding agencies
VIVO-Support Support for the implementation of the Linked-Data-based research information system VIVO  
  • Universities/Academic institutions
  • non-academic research institutions
  • Knowledge and technology transfer
  • (Scientific) professional societies
  • Research funders and Funding agencies
Book Sprints Implementation and support of Book Sprints  
  • Universities/Academic institutions
  • non-academic research institutions
  • non-governmental organisations
  • internal and external corporate communications, Education and training

Expert knowledge on demand for Open Science


Expert knowledge on all aspects of Open Science for your event  
  • Goethe-Instituts worldwide
  • Universities/Academic institutions
  • University research administrations, e.g. doctoral programmes
  • Foundations
  • Non-academic research institutions