Latest news from the Visual Analytics Research Group

We are currently looking for student assistants to support our research and teaching activities. If you are interested, please contact Professor Ewerth.

Best Paper Award for the paper "Understanding, Categorizing and Predicting Semantic Image-Text Relations"

Lecture: "Is this an example image? – Predicting the Relative Abstractness Level of Image and Text"

Investigative journalist Peter Onneken will start by reporting on his research on the topic of "Fake in Science"

How to improve the estimation of a photo’s geolocation

We organise tomorrow’s knowledge – and support the different stages of research in science and industry

About libraries, knowledge graphs, robots and digital change

TIB’s Visual Analytics Research Group develops innovative geolocalisation method

Big Data in the Life Sciences

Honorable Mention Award for the paper "Finding Person Relations in Image Data of News Collections in the Internet Archive"

TIB Research Group Visual Analytics participates in OER-Camps