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TIB, as the world's largest specialised library for science and technology and the University Library of Leibniz Universität Hannover, enables you to work with unique collections. We offer access to a wide range of electronic resources.

Searching in the TIB Portal

Search for and order specialist information and media from science and technology and literature from TIB's holdings as a university library. More

Subject gateways

Find electronic offers and further information about your particular subject area. More

Audiovisual media

In  TIB's AV Portal you can search for and in scientific videos from science and technology. More

Research data

Find out which research data is available in the TIB portal and where you can find further research data. More

Electronic journals

The Electronic Journals Library offers licensed and freely accessible online e-journals. More

Specialist databases

Our database information system provides access to licensed and freely accessible online specialist databases. More

Electronic books

Find out here how to specifically access our range of licensed e-books. More

Alliance and national licences

TIB negotiates alliance and national licences with publishing companies and other information providers and ensures their provision. More

Focus of collections

TIB's collections comprise highly specialised technical and scientific specialist and research information as well as unique collections with a distinct content or regional orientation. More

Special collections

Our special collections contain important holdings from various subject areas. More

Other catalogues and portals

To ensure convenient search processes, we offer an overview of other library catalogues and search tools. More

Help concerning access and use

Aspects that need to be considered when accessing electronic full texts and database content. More