Inżynieria i aparatura chemiczna : dwumiesie̜cznik naukowo-techniczny

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Table of contents

Durability of pipeline installations working under creep conditions
Mlynarski, F. | 1986
Elutriation of particles of granular materials from fluidized beds
Sciazko, M. / Bandrowski, J. | 1986
The use of dynamic filters for the removal of impurities from suspensions obtained by the precipitation method
Wronski, S. / Molga, E. / Bugaj, M. et al. | 1986
The analysis of catalyst furnace operation using radioactive markers
Cybulski, A. / Dukielski, M. / Grzelewski, L. | 1986
A new welding machine for thermoplastics
Wawszczak, J. / Adamkiewicz, J. / Szponder, J. | 1986