Inżynieria i aparatura chemiczna : dwumiesie̜cznik naukowo-techniczny

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Table of contents

Pneumatic transportation of fine particles line simulation
Szembek, M. / Huettner, M. | 1995
High viscosity liquids blending in vertical low cylindrical vessels with bottom point air feeding
Kawalec-Pietrenko, B. | 1995
Flow resistance of two phases liquid-liquid systems
Hapanowicz, J. / Troniewski, L. | 1995
Effect of the turbine impeller vibration stabilizer on the mixing of the both non. - Newtonian and two-phase systems
Borowski, J. / Wesolowski, P. | 1995
Blending with aeration. Self-sucking impellers
Heim, A. / Rzyski, E. / Stelmach, J. | 1995
Flow resistance determination of liquid-vapor ammonia flow in horizontal pipes
Witczak, St. | 1995