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A Multivariate Assessment of metal distribution in the sediments of the Hugly estuary, East Coast of India
Bhattacharya, B. / Mitra, K. / Mukherjee, N. | 2005
Freely propagation of cylindrical shock in uniform atmosphere
Yadav, R. P. / Singh, Y. | 2005
Impact assessment of Guinea worm eradication programme in Akoko area Ondo state, Nigeria
Adewole, S. O. / Hassan, A. A. | 2005
Performance evaluation of artificial aeration units on the water quality of upper lake
Bahl, A. / Joshi, S. / Bajpai, A. | 2005
Comparative Adsorption Study of DCIC and F-200 GAC Samples For Phenolic Waste
Selukar, N. B. / Hend, G. M. / Rathod, A. L. et al. | 2005
Enteromorpha intestinalis - An indicator of heavy metal pollution in coastal environment
Mitra, A. / Das, A. / Chakraborty, R. et al. | 2005
Synthesis, Characterization and Glass reinforced Laminates of Acrylic modified Unsaturated Polyester Resin for electrical application
Dholakiya, B. Z. / Patel, K. D. | 2005
Decoding and encoding in (+1, -1) system
Tiwari, M. / Dubey, R. K. / Singh, R. A. | 2005
Thermal Relaxation and Structural investigation of Crystalline Polypropylene Films
Al-Ghamdi, A. A. / Al-Heniti, S. / Barakati, G. G. | 2005
Seasonal Abundance of Reef Fishes in Relation to Live Coral Coverage in Karah Island, Terengganu, Malaysia
Ibrahim, S. / Hussin, W. M. R. W. / Kassim, Z. et al. | 2005
Image filtering of Airborne Thematic Mapper for landslide delineation
Ramli, M. F. / Petley, D. N. | 2005
In Vitro Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibition Activity Determination in Fermented Goat Milks
Bogdanova, J. T. M. / Bogdanov, B. | 2005
Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activities of Combustion Derived metal oxides
Lagashetty, A. / Patil, N. S. / Kalyani, S. | 2005
Coordination polymers of N,N'-di-(8-hydroxyquinolinol Yl-5-methyl)-N,N' dimethyl-1,2-ethane diamine (QMED)
Patel, S. P. / Bhasin, C. P. / Patel, A. D. et al. | 2005
Climatological study of dry zone
Mary, M. I. / Kannan, K. S. / Suyambulingom, C. | 2005
Adsorption of Ni (II) onto activated carbon from ecofreindly low cost adsorbents
Rajalakshmi, R. / Subhashini, S. / Lalitha, P. | 2005
A kinetic study of micellar catalysed oxidation of D-Galactose by sodium N-chloro p-toluene sulphonamide
Shrivastava, R. / Solanki, S. K. | 2005
Methods for forecasting rainfall
Venkatesan, D. / Devi, K. S. | 2005
Cultivation potential of the marine sponge Aaptos sp. and Theonella sp. in open-sea systems
Shamsuddin, A. A. / Zaidad-Maraicar, A. S. / Lukman Hakim, M. D. et al. | 2005
Kinetics & Mechanism of Hydrolysis of Di-2,5 dichlorophenyl phosphate via conjugate acid species
Verma, A. / Shinde, C. P. | 2005
Influence of synthesis parameters on AlPO~4-22 molecular sieves characterization
Venkatathri, N. | 2005
Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Lanthanide (III) nitrate complexes of some Schiff Base Ligands
Arora, K. / Agrawal, D. D. / Gupta, A. | 2005
Temperature dependence of excess molar polarization of the binary mixture of butanols in tetrachloromethane
Ray, S. K. / Dwivedy, C. | 2005
Long-term relationship between cosmic rays and geomagnetic activity
Sharma, U. / Shrivastava, P. K. | 2005
Bioassay experiments to determine the toxicity of hospital effluent and its treatment through an eco-friendly technique
Monika, J. / Rashmi, S. / Kumar, S. A. et al. | 2005
Surface water system of India and the importance of their inter connections
Saify, T. | 2005
Preliminary Study of Marine Bacterium, Shewanella putrefaciens Associated with Marine Sponge, Theonella sp
Shamsuddin, A. A. / Lukman Hakim, M. D. / Zaidad Maraicar, M. S. et al. | 2005
Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Investigation of Ca~2Co~2Fe~1~1LaO~2~2 Ferrites
Kuhikar, S. V. / Kulkarni, D. K. | 2005
Acoustic Properties of complex at various temperature
Agrawal, P. B. | 2005
A Study on Molar Refraction and Polarizability Constants at 30+0.1^oC
Agrawal, P. B. | 2005