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Comparison of introduction rates of defects produced in various silicon diodes after proton and gamma irradiation
Ahmed, M. / Watts, S.J. / Holmes-Siedle, A. et al. | 2007
An Electroanalytical Study of Complexes of Cd (II) with some Amino Acids and L-Aspargin at DME
Jangid, K.R. / Chandel, C.P.S. | 2007
Optical absorption of Manganese phthalocyanine thin films in the UV-Vis and med-IR regions
Faidah, A. | 2007
Numerical simulation of the internal vibrations of OH group in aminosalicylic acids
Singh, Y.P. / Singh, R.A. | 2007
Effect of moisture on d.c. conductivity of polyaniline composite films
Begam, A.A. / Radhakrishnan, R. / Premnazeer, K. | 2007
Elemental data investigation in Pyrite structured minerals by X-RF & AASPM
Gedam, R.K. / Kulkarni, D.K. | 2007
Anharmonic properties of Cesium Halides
Rawat, D. / Khan, I.A. / Singh, S. et al. | 2007
Effect of Dye Concentration on Nitrogen Laser Threshold Pump Intensity in Six Rigid and Non-Rigid Coumarin Dyes
Sharma, A.K. | 2007
Thermal Degradation Studies of Terpolymer Derived from 2,4-Dihydroxyacetophenone, Dithiooxamide and Formaldehyde
Rahangdale, S.S. / Zade, A.B. / Gurnule, W.B. | 2007
Characterization of Radionuclides in Rocks and Sediments of Ikogosi Warm Spring in Southwest Nigeria
Isinkaye, M.O. / Ajayi, I.R. | 2007
Ethnobotanical observations in the Sagar region of central India with reference to species of the genus Chlorophytum Ker-Gawl
Baronia, A.K. / Mishra, A.S. | 2007
Jojoba oil as a non-conventional source of high potential lubricant
Sandha, G.K. / Swami, V.K. | 2007
Antibacterial and phytochemical study of Ageratum conyzoids against flacherie of Bombyx mori
Singh, D.P. / Dubey, L.N. / Sahu, B. et al. | 2007
Alteration mapping using decorrelation stretching on ASTER data A case study: Takab area, NW Iran
Rastmanesh / Fatemeh / Farid, M. | 2007
Study of Transmittance and Quantum Efficiency of Alkali Halide crystals
Kumar, R. / Pandey, D.N. / Shukla, S.R. | 2007
Catalytic Condensation of aromatic aldehydes with acetone on Zn/Al hydrotalcite (II)
Al-Esaimi, M.M. | 2007
Knowledge management : of strategy & numbers
Iembo, R. / Lin, C.M. | 2007
Impact of Physico-chemical characteristics of water on Algal diversity in case of river Varuna at Varanasi
Gupta, A.K. / Ray, B. | 2007
Reflector Antenna Tolerance Determination by Gain Measurement
Singh, N. / Singh, V. | 2007
Measure and identification of acoustic impulse responses by NLMS-DC
Mekarzia, M. / Guerti, M. / Guessoum, A. | 2007
Determination of Stability Constants of Be (II), Pb (II), Cd (II) & Mn (II) Complexes of hydroxy Amino Acid
Misra, A. / Singh, S. | 2007
Variation of convective loss cone instability (LCI) in magnetic mirror
Anila, A.K. / Thirumagalath, S. / Sethumadhavan, P. et al. | 2007
Vacuum-to-Vacuum Transition Amplitude using Path Integral Quantization and Fenman Rules For Scalar Fields
Al-Khattabi, L.A. | 2007
Heat Transfer Enhancement Between Impinging Circular Air Jet and Flat Plate using Cubical Finned Surfaces
Shelke, R.E. / Bhuyar, L.B. | 2007
Ultrasonic studies on dye stain removal by surfactants
Dave, P.N. / Parmar, N.J. | 2007
Design of Experiments Method for Optimization of Process Parameters in WEDM
Ranganath, B.J. / Prakash, C.P.S. | 2007
Effect of axial magnetic field on weak cylindrical shock in dusty gas
Yadav, R.P. / Sharma, A. / Vats, R.P. et al. | 2007
Physico-chemical analysis of ground water collected from different areas of Phanda block Bhopal (INDIA)
Mishra, B.K. / Singh, D.P. / Kumar, P. | 2007